General and specialized ultrasound

By appointment only
Covered by the RAMQ

The ultrasound exam is a basic, simple, fast, versatile, non-invasive and radiation free diagnostic tool. It uses ultrasounds to create an image. Ultrasounds are emitted from a probe, pass through the body, are reflected by the various organs, are captured by the same probe and are finally translated by a computer as images that will be interpreted by the radiologist.

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Ultrasounds are directed to an area of interest according to clinical symptoms. For example, during an abdominal ultrasound we will study the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and aorta. For pelvic ultrasound exams, most often in women, the exam focuses on the uterus, ovaries and bladder (which must be full to move up the intestines that block ultrasounds).

Doppler exams allow a more specific study of cardiovascular circulation. They are indicated for the following investigations: Heart - Carotids - Arteries and veins of the limbs - Renal and digestive arteries.
Abdominal and renal ultrasound
Renal and digestive Doppler
Be fasting: do not eat, drink or smoke at least 5 hours before the exam.

Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound
Drink 700 ml (3 large glasses) of water only 1:30 before the scheduled appointment. Do not take anything else. Do not urinate before the end of the examination.


Obstetrical (fetal) ultrasound
Pelvic ultrasound
Pelvic endo-vaginal ultrasound
Drink 700 ml (3big glasses) of liquid 1h30 before the time of the appointment. Do not urinate before the exam.

Prostatic trans-rectal ultrasound
Obtain a FLEET enema at the pharmacy and administer as recommended one hour before the exam.

Prostatic trans-rectal biopsy
(Bring PSA result: a biopsy is usually done if the PSA is 4 or more)
- Obtain a FLEET enema at the pharmacy and administer as recommended one hour before the exam.

- With a doctor's prescription, get 3 tablets of Cipro XL 1000mg: take one the day before your exam, one on the day of your exam and the last one the day after your exam.

- With your doctor agreement, stop any anticoagulant a week before the exam (NSAIDs, Coumadin, Entrophen, Novasen, Aspirin, Plavix, Ticlid).

When coming for your exam, be sure to have:
  • The original request signed by your doctor
  • Your valid Medicare card to open your file
  • The payment for your examination
  • The images on CD and copies of reports from previous exams related to your requested examination.
The probe, coated with a non-allergenic and odorless gel is moved over the concerned area for the acquisition of the images that appear on the screen and are digitally recorded. In most cases you can watch at the exam on a second screen, get explanations and ask questions to the radiologist.
The duration of the ultrasound exam is between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the kind of examination.

General and spcialized ultrasound 

  • No fees, covered by the RAMQ for holders of a valid Québec health insurance card

  • Variable expenses if prescribed by a chiropractor, podiatrist, or non-resident person in Quebec (see rates below)

  • $ 5 for each copy of report

  • $ 10, for each request to copy images on CD


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Abdominal and renal - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Pelvic - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Abdominal and pelvic - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Pregnancy first trimester - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Breasts - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Testicles - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Thyroïd - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Surface (mass) - No fees, covered by the RAMQ

Specialized Ultrasound

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Cardiac - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Pelvic endo-vaginal - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Prostatic trans-rectal - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Musculoskeletal - No fees, covered by the RAMQ


Click on $ to view the price

Cervico-encephalic (carotid) $

Upper or lower limbs


Upper or lower limbs

Arterial renal or digestive $

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Calcium wash-out/calcification puncture by ultrasound $
Ultrasound guided cortisone infiltration $

Price subject to change without notice

Send us by fax or e-mail the request signed by your doctor, your contact information, the file number, the name and the fax number of the agent responsible for your file. We must request an authorization for your exam before planning your visit.
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