Magnetic resonance (MRI)

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a safe examination technique which does not utilize ionizing radiations (X-rays), but use instead a magnetic field, radio frequency, and receiving antennas. MRI has revolutionized medical imaging by its great capacity to differentiate tissues (bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, biological fluids ...).

It therefore can help diagnose some lesions that are not visible through other examination techniques such as radiography, ultrasound or Computed Tomography (CT scan).

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MRI, is the technique of choice for evaluating the brain, spine, musculoskeletal system, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), blood vessels, breast, abdomen and the reproductive system. There are, however a few absolute contraindications such as the presence of a pacemaker, some metal implants etc ... It is important to report any prior surgery or surgical material as aneurysm clips, implants, etc ...

Our equipment, uses advanced technology and has a large aperture of 70 cm and a short tunnel of 125 cm. It allows larger people to feel more comfortable during the exam and reduces anxiety in claustrophobic patients.

  • Please make sure to have the MRI contraindications form completed by your doctor. If not available, our secretary will complete it with you over the phone.
  • On the day of the exam, do not wear makeup or jewelry
  • For abdominal MRI, be fasting 4 hours before the exam

When coming for your exam, be sure to bring:

  • The original exam request signed by your doctor
  • Your valid Medicare card (RAMQ) for opening your file
  • Payment for your examination
  • For an optimal interpretation of the images, it is important to bring with you on the day of your appointment, all images and reports of previous examinations or surgery related to the MRI exam that you will pass at our clinic

After registration, the technologist will position you so that the region to be examined is in the center of the MRI unit. At any time during the examination, you can speak with the technologist using the microphone.

Some types of examinations require the injection of a contrast agent (gadolinium), generally well tolerated, to increase the sensitivity of detection and characterization of some lesions.

It is rare for claustrophobic patients to be unable to get through an MRI exam, especially since the opening of our MRI unit is large and the tunnel is short. Our experienced staff will assist you throughout the exam. Sometimes, the prescription of an anxiolytic by your doctor might help. Should that be the case you must be accompanied and cannot drive.

The duration of the MRI exam varies between 30 and 60 minutes

Some are absolute contraindications:

  • Pacemaker
  • Neurostimulator or implanted defibrillator
  • Insulin pump situated under the skin
  • Clip on a cerebral aneurysm or arteriovenous malformation.
  • Metal fragment in an eye
  • Cochlear implant (inner ear)
  • Magnetic eye implant
  • Magnetic penile implant

Other contraindications are relative and are listed on our contraindications form. If such form is not available on the doctor request, our secretary will be pleased to complete it with you over the phone

Magnetic resonance (MRI)


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Abdomen $
Thorax $
Pelvis $
Arthro MRI (with Gladolinium) $

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Send us by fax or e-mail the request signed by your doctor, your contact information, the file number, the name and fax number of the agent responsible for your file. We must request an authorization for your exam before planning your visit.
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