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Please see the following list of frequently asked questions or contact us for additional information.

Do I have to bring results of previous exams?

All the reports, x-rays and images of previous exams related to your upcoming exam are very useful to us to evaluate your condition.

Do I need some kind of preparation for the radiogy exam?

No preparation is necessary for a simple radiography. A preparation is necessary for the exams of the digestive track and ultrasounds of the abdominal and pelvic region and for the magnetic resonance exams (MRI). The adequate preparation will be indicated to you when you take your appointment.

Do you need a doctor’s consultation request to pass a radiology exam?

Yes, a consultation request from your family doctor or a specialist is needed. We accept requests destined to other radiology clinics.

I am claustrophobic: can I still pass a magnetic resonance exam (MRI)?

Our top of the line MRI equipment has the largest opening (70 cm) and the shortest tunnel (125 cm). Most of the claustrophobic patients had completed their exam successfully. Our MRI apparatus accommodate also obese persons (225 Kg / 500 lbs). The persons who passed that exam at our centre were delighted by their experience and happy to have been able to pass it which contribute to the maintenance of their good health. Our experienced technologists stay with you during the whole exam to reassure you. An alarm button, in case of emergency is available to you at all time.

Is parking easy?

A large parking lot, free of charge is located at the rear of the building.

Should I receive a copy of my exam?

Copies of images of exams are available, upon request. See the section REPORTS AND IMAGES.

When will my doctor receive the results of my exam?

As a rule, the written interpretation report of our exams is sent to your doctor by fax within 24 to 48 working hours. In many cases, a preliminary report can be faxed the same day as the exam.

Why do I have to pay for some exams?

In a private clinic, the cost of ultrasound examination and magnetic resonance are not covered by the RAMQ but is by most private insurance companies.

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Face cover is MANDATORY.

For all conventional x-rays you can come on site with the doctor's paper. We reserve the right to offer you an appointment if there is an overflow and this to ensure the safety of ALL.

For mammography, bone densitometry, ultrasound, arthrography, you can request an appointment through our website. Send us your prescriptions, with your name and phone number, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

By email at the following address :

Please arrive at the clinic at most 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Wearing a face cover is MANDATORY
Because life goes on, we are here to offer you the services essential to your health.