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American College of Radiology

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Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR)

Association of specialized doctors in nuclear medicine of Quebec

Association of  radiologists of Qu├ębec

Radiology Department of the University of Montreal

National Cancer Institute

Order of technologist in Radiology of Quebec

Quebec program for breast cancer screenin

Radiological Society of North America

Health Canada

Canadian Society for nuclear medicine

Canadian Cancer Society

French-Canadian Society of Radiology (SCFR)

French Society of Radiology (SFR)

Resoscan CLM medical imaging Center

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Groupe UnImage offers a safe and sanitary environment.

All patients must wear the procedure mask.

 For all conventional x-rays, you may present yourself on site with the doctor's prescription & health insurance card.

We reserve the right to offer you an appointment if there is an overflow, to ensure the safety of EVERYBODY. 

For mammography, bone densitometry, ultrasound and arthrography and MRI

You can make an appointment request from our website.

Send us your prescription as well as your name and phone number and we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

By email at the following address:

Show up only 10 minutes before your appointment.

Because life goes on, we are here to offer you the services essential to your health.